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Swimming with dolphins in Alcudia

Swimming with dolphins in Mallorca might be on the top of any visitor’s list when travelling to this beautiful island. On the north of Mallorca’s spectacular coast, we find the extensive white sandy bay of Alcudia. What makes this bay one of the best attractions for both tourist and residents are its clear shallow waters. Not only can you find in the resort of Alcudia the island’s longest beach but also a great number of small caves and coves with stunning turquoise waters.


The North of Mallorca area of the Mediterranean Sea is perfect to see dolphins swimming. The temperature in Alcudia bay is ideal for them and it is home to at least 21 marine mammals including several species of dolphins. Nevertheless, in these waters a spectacular variety of sea life can also be found apart from dolphins


Options and ideas if you are planning to swim with dolphins

Where can I swim with dolphins in Alcudia?

Swimming with dolphins is a dream had by lots. Sharing waters with these precious mammals has been proven to be an activity that gives great satisfaction. It has even been said that swimming alongside with dolphins can even beat depression.

While in Mallorca many ask the questions about whether it is possible to swim with dolphins in Mallorca or what are the best places to swim with dolphins. Before we answer the question stated, bear in mind that it is said that the best months to find dolphins in Mallorca’s north coast is between the months of May and October, which coincides with the touristic high season, because the water temperature is at its most ideal temperature for these mammals. Another interesting fact which may get your hopes up regarding seeing or even swimming with dolphins in Mallorca waters is that these creatures are known to be very curious, therefore, if they were to be near you, they would for sure approach you automatically.

Even though our waters are a great habitat for dolphins during the months of Summer, when asked about the possibility of actually swimming with dolphins in Mallorca, due to the difficulty that finding them could have for those who are not experts, the answer tends to be no. But don’t get your hopes down, you can still have the pleasure to get up close to dolphins while on holiday in Alcudia. There are two possibilities you can choose from to be stunned by the beauty of these creatures out in the wild of the Mediterranean Sea.


Dolphin watching by boat

By choosing this option you will board a small boat which departs from the Port of Alcudia itself. To make the experience even more magical the boat departs shortly before sunrise so that you can live two experiences that you will never forget combined: seeing dolphins and watching the sunrise from out at sea with impressive views from the Tramuntana mountain range. Even though this trip has an early start you don’t have to worry about breakfast as it is served on boat.

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Dolphin watching by catamaran

If you would rather enjoy the experience from a catamaran this is the option that best suit you. In this case, it sails from the bay of Puerto Pollensa from where it will take you up close to the area where dolphins play around.

The scenario is the same spectacular combination of mountains, cliffs and crystal clear waters as the one mentioned before. Also, as it sails out into sea in time to catch sunrise while surrounded by dolphins, you will also be served breakfast on board.

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Dolphins swimming at Marineland

The Marineland theme park is located in the south of Mallorca, in Costa den Blanes, near Palma. They offer different shows with dolphins and sea lions. One of the activities offered is the “Dolphin Experience”. It is an activity that takes place in the water on a platform of no more than 1.30 cm. deep.

The activity begins with an explanation about the dolphins: what they are like, what they eat, how they behave... During the activity you can touch, kiss and even hug the dolphins. You will also see their movements underwater with the help of diving goggles as well as discover the different sounds they transmit during submersion. After this experience they give you a certificate of participation, a Marineland Mallorca towel and a specific photo of the non-exchangeable interaction. Please note that swimming with the dolphins is not allowed.

The activity with the dolphins is reserved upon arrival at Marineland, and it is necessary to have the entrance ticket.

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