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Boat Trips in Alcudia

The best boat trips to enjoy your holiday in Alcudia

Joining in on a boat trip while in Alcudia is the best to way to enjoy this beautiful island while relaxing as you witness the stunning landscapes the north of the island has to offer. Alcudia’s bay has a beautiful combination of mountain scenarios and turquoise watered coves and caves. Therefore if you are on holiday in Alcudia boat trips should be on the top of your list of things to do. Also, the nature of Alcudia’s bay makes it an ideal spot for boat excursions due to both its length and the calm crystal clear waters that characterise it. Apart from the spectacular views from out at sea you can enjoy it’s varied marine life which during the month of summer includes dolphins!


Our selection: the best boat trips in Alcudia

Glass bottom boat in Alcudia

A glass bottom boat in Alcudia is the perfect way to discover the rich underwater life the north of the island is known to have. Even though it is very different to the one found in places such as the Caribbean it is filled with a great amount of different species just as stunning.


The great thing about this fantastic glass bottom boat trip in Alcudia is that it will please everybody. Whether you are interested in observing the many fish in the water or if you prefer to be stunned by the impressive views of the northern coast with a perspective only possible from out at sea. Another great factor of this boat is that due to its size you don't have to remain seated so you can walk around as it suits you, sit in the shade, sun… wherever you prefer at each moment.

This glass bottom boat trip departs from Alcudia’s several piers along it’s extensive white sandy beach and has a duration of 2 hours: a great activity to break the day up a little. From there it heads towards the north-west passing the Aucanada area where you will see the small island home to a beautiful lighthouse. The glass bottom boat then stops at Alcudia’s most secluded cove Coll Baix which has an extremely access by foot. There we stop for about 20 minutes so that you can enjoy a quick swim in it’s impressive turquoise waters or simple relax enjoying the views. Once everybody is back on board it’s time to head slowly back to the port of Alcudia.


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From Alcudia a boat trip to Formentor is the perfect option to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Formentor peninsula such as the lighthouse and its famous beach.This excursion from Alcudia takes place on a nice big glass bottom boat which gives you the possibility to either comtemplate the Mediterranean’s sea floor, walk around the deck or sit and relax in either the sun or the shade.


Firts of all the boat departs from Alcudia’s bay a heads towards Formentor beach. During this journey you will be impressed for sure by the scenario created by the combination of the birth of the Tramuntana mountain range with the numerous cliffs, caves and coves found in Mallorca’s coast. Also we will be passing by Aucanada where you will be able to see the famous small island and the charming lighthouse there. There is a brief stop at the stunning secluded cove Coll Baix where you can jump of and have a refreshing swim in some of the island’s most crystal clear waters.


The highlight of this boat trip in Alcudia is the next part of the excursion: a stop at Formentor beach. During the hour the stop last you have plenty of options. You can stroll around and discover the hotel there that has been welcoming the rich and famous since 1929 or catch some sunrays on Formentor beach which was once private but that has now been opened up for eberybody to enjoy. Reaching this beautiful beach by boat makes the experience even more magical. Once everybody is back on board we make our way back to the port of Alcudia on the glass bottom boat following the route we took to get to Formentor beach.

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Alcudia catamaran tour

A catamaran tour from Alcudia’s bay would be the highlight of anybody visiting Mallorca. This is a completely different experience to any other boat trip in Alcudia as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a day out at sea to the fullest. Even though this option is more expensive than the boat trips in Alcudia presented before it is completely worth spending that little bit more as you will get a great experience out of it. On this tour food and drinks are included during lunch time!


Just like the other boat trips the Catamaran departs from Alcudia’s Bay. During the day it makes several stops during which you can jump off into the most stunning turquoise waters you will have seen or use the staircase that takes you directly into the sea. The lanscape you will witness while relaxing on boar is an impresssive combination of mountains, cliffs, natural caves and secluded beautiful coves.


Once your stomach beggins to rumble the longest stop takes place. While you have time to enjoy all the equipment on board such as kayaks, googles, giant inflatables attached to the catamaran and much more the crew will start to cook the barbacue you will be served for lunch. You will enjoy a selection of meats, pasta salad made using local produce, mallorcan bread and seasonal fruit for desser. As mentiones before, during lunchtime drinks are also included. When everybody has eaten, sunbathed on the nets, had a swim or simply chilled on board the crew sets the sail and we iniciate the best part of the journey as we sail through the calm waters of the Mediterranean sea on our modern comfortable catamaran. If the time allows it before coming back into the port of Alcudia one last stop is made to freshen up.

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Dolphin watching tour

Dolphin watching in Alcudia, or anywhere, is an unforgettable experience. As the waters in the north of the island are at an idea temperature for these mammals and there are numerous species of dolphins in Alcudia’s bay we have created a new excursion to make your holiday stay in Mallorca even more magical. 


Lots people ask whether swimming with dolphins in Alcudia is possible but as they are in the wild swimming freely it is not possible. Despite that dolphins are known to be very sociable creatures so whenever they feel the presence of humans they do not hesitate to come up close and impress with their skills. 


The excursion we offer has been thought out thinking about both the dolphins and those willing to share time with them. For that reason we have chosen the moment of the sunrise as it is when the waters are calmer and it also makes the experience extra special. As it is an early start breakfast is served on board. Can you picture yourself drinking a coffee while the sun rises in a secnario of mountains and crystal clear water as dolphins swim and jump around you? Then, what are you waiting for to make it a dream come true!

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3-Hours Boat trip from Port Alcudia with Caves and Snorkel

There is another option of boat trip in the north of Mallorca for those who want to enjoy the mediterranean sea life as close as possible. This boat tour departs from Port of Alcudia about 10:00 and it goes to the east area of Mallorca, where we find the Natural Park of Llevant, which is very difficult to explore by foot. In high season there is another tour in the afternoon. It departs at 13:45 aprox.


On the way there we will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of the cliffs next to the sea. From this modern boat you will be able to see the small island known as Illots des Porros and Son Real's necropolis. An spectacular landscape will be awaiting for us in this part of the boat excursion: paradise beaches, the village of Colonia Sant Pere and Betlem. We will spend about 30 minutes at our first stop, and we will have time for a swim and, if you want you can do snorkelling and go inside the caves if you wish to. All the material is on board and you can you use it free of charge. 


Finally, we will go back to Port of Alcudia, while we admire the amazing Mallorca north coast with breathtaking cliffs around.

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