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Wine and food tours

Mallorca wine tours, foodie and tours from Alcudia and Pollensa

Experience Mallorca's local cuisine for the best price

A wine tour or a foodie tour in Mallorca is one of the best options on your summer holidays in Mallorca if you want to discover local gastronomy and culture. Below you will find a selection of wine and food tours we offer. Clicking on the title of the excursions will give you access to all kinds of information such as photos, information, maps, customers’ opinions…

The best foodie and tours in Mallorca near Alcudia and Pollensa

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Wine and food Tours in Mallorca

If something makes Mallorca a unique place, it is its gastronomic culture. Nowadays food and travel go hand in hand as more and more people are looking to discover new culinary cultures as they travel around the world. Gastronomic tourism is rising in Spain, and Mallorca, with so much offer, is no exception. 

Mallorca’s gastronomic culture is another one of the many aspects that make the island so attractive. You can’t say you have experienced Mallorca until you have tasted some of the many dishes that it is known for and treated yourself to its local beers and wines. That's why we are creating new and exciting foodie tours in the area, as well as wine tasting activies in small groups, with the emphasis on local grape varieties and small, family-run wineries.

Even though Alcudia is a small town, its gastronomic culture is extremely rich. It has a strong fishing tradition, but it is also a great place to savour some delicious tapas and is home to lots of bakeries too.
In the old town of Alcudia, wine from all over the island can be enjoyed in a great amount of charming patios. There’s also a passion for beer in Alcudia and you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting the local brewery.

Wine Tours in Mallorca

Mallorca is especially well-known for its wine, which nowadays has a growing reputation. We have organised a series of wine tours to help you discover the most interesting vineyards and wineries in Mallorca. You will learn a little about the process of making the wine and, of course the best part, enjoy taking part in some wine tasting.

On our wine tours we will also discover the inland villages where you can be charmed by Mallorca’s hidden corners away from the tourist buzz where most of the wine bodegas are.

We do have different wine tours in Mallorca available and they differ according to your taste or budget. Perhaps you would like to learn how wine in Mallorca is produced and visit one of the bigger wine cellars where they have top of the range machinery and technology. Or perhaps you prefer taking a step back in time to one of the small family-run bodegas that few people have heard of, where they were still do everything manually.

Foodie tours in Mallorca

As well as wine tours in Mallorca, we have also created a set of food tours to savour both Mallorcan and Spanish gastronomy in idyllic locations; ideal for those who consider themselves foodies or would like to explore more of the local cuisine. So, if you would like to complete your visit to the island with a taste of Spain you can take part in one of our gourmet food tours around Mallorca. These tours will give you the chance to relish the island’s varied and appetising food culture of both savoury and sweet dishes as you learn about the rich history behind it. The opportunity to taste traditional and modern recipes at your fingertips!

Food tours are always fun but we have a wide selection so that you can choose the tour for you: do you fancy exploring the old town of Palma by bicycle on a tapas tour? Would you like to have a guided tapas tour around Palma's local tapas area during the evening time? Or perhaps you want to take the traditional guided walk with tastings included. Whatever you choose, you will have a fabulous time and will be left wishing to take your knowledge further.

Wine and Cheese Tasting in Alcudia

We have created a gastronomic experience which combines tasting wine with tasting cheese. This is an informal activity that takes place in Alcudia in a pretty and intimate setting. The focus is on local gastronomy and all the products featured are produced locally. Some of the wines used in the activity are made using single grape varieties so that participants can experience and learn about the local grapes from Mallorca and their use in wines. Some of the grape varities are not used outside of Mallorca, so this is a unique opportunity to taste these wines. The cheeses have all been selected because of their uniqueness or individuality too, one being produced at a farm in the Sierra de Tramuntana, another produced at the other side of the island, and some made with goats milk, cows milk or sheeps milk. 

Mallorca Winery Near Alcudia

If you are on holiday in Mallorca and you would like to visit a local winery nearby, there are several local bodegas that offer visits to their cellars and vineyards, with wine tasting included. Why not make a visit to Bodegas Butxet in Muro, just 10-15 minutes outside Alcudia? Here you will find jaw-dropping views of the Mallorcan countryside, the vineyards up close and backdrop of the mountains. The winery is family-run and is relatively young on the island at just 20 years old. Nevertheless, they produce a good range of reds, rosés and whites and they focus strongly on using local grape varieties.

Another winery, closer to the resort of  Alcudia, is Son Simo Vell , a charming property in the area of Son Fe, known for its Cellers Canyelles i Batle wines. Surrounded by vineyards and hills, it offers a delightful exploration of Mallorcan wine. Visitors enjoy guided tours through the vineyards, learning about the unique soil and climate that shape the wines. Tastings highlight a range of wines, with emphasis on the winery's bold red wine, reflecting the island's terroir. Beyond wine, Son Simo Vell embodies Mallorcan hospitality, where guests share in the passion of the winemakers and indulge in local cheeses and tapas paired with the estate's wines. It's a serene escape where time slows, allowing for moments of connection and appreciation of Mallorca's winemaking heritage.

Mallorca Winery Near Pollensa

When visiting Pollensa in Mallorca, wine enthusiasts are in for a treat as the region boasts several exceptional wineries to explore. Two notable ones worth visiting are Can Axartell and Can Vidalet.

Can Axartell Winery, situated in the picturesque countryside near Pollensa, offers visitors an immersive experience into Mallorcan winemaking traditions. With a focus on organic farming practices, Can Axartell produces a range of exquisite wines, including reds, whites, and rosés. Guided tours of the vineyards and cellar provide insight into the winemaking process, from grape cultivation to bottling, with opportunities for tastings to savor the fruits of their labor.

Another gem nearby is Can Vidalet Winery, renowned for its dedication to crafting high-quality, artisanal wines. Nestled amidst scenic vineyards, Can Vidalet invites visitors to discover its award-winning vintages, which reflect the unique terroir of Mallorca. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the winery's history and winemaking techniques, followed by tastings that showcase the depth and complexity of their wines.

Both Can Axartell and Can Vidalet offer not only an opportunity to sample exceptional wines but also a chance to connect with Mallorca's rich winemaking heritage. Whether you're a seasoned oenophile or simply appreciate fine wine, a visit to these esteemed wineries near Pollensa promises an unforgettable experience steeped in culture, tradition, and, of course, superb wine.

If you are interesting in booking a winery visit near Alcudia or near Pollensa, you can book this wine tour.

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